About sy-ki

Psyche or sy-ki, a blond girl with real butterfly wings, the Greek goddess of the mind and soul. Since 2018 Tara Thomas has produced her own songs and started her music with the name of sy-ki. Sy-ki is the emergence of a new genre in which social problems are treated with a melancholic manner. Her goal is to take her audience on a journey to finding the deepest secret of their psyche.

Her inspiration comes from nowhere and everywhere, and so Tara created a mix of alternative pop and triphop called alternative trip-pop. Other influences you can hear are triphop and shoegaze. Examples are; Massive Attack, Slowdive and Caroline Polachek. Her debut album comes out on the 23th of february 2024. In the meanwhile she is working on her second album for her end exam. Together with her beloved band including; Alex van Rijsewijk, Ana Hernández Barrera and Edward Smith, she makes an interesting soul touching show with fitted, composed backing visuals.